My name is Michael R. Fudge Jr. and currently living in the lost terrain of Kansas. Most who know me say I was born with a pencil in my hand. At an early age, I displayed an eager feel for creating works of art. Starting with comic characters and learning through the years in high school I; progressed a new found relationship with being an artist. “I love just grabbing a piece of Bristol board and pencil and work the idea. Creating something from my mind and watch it come to life has always brought me so much joy…” After multiple tours to Iraq, 14 years in the Marines and Army; I currently own and work as a freelance illustrator for Distorted Black Studio. A lot of my art work is me myself dealing with my PTSD from the war in Iraq. My distorted style of art is different from most surrealist visionaries; taking everyday life and giving it a twist, I'm able to embed unrealistic images which are delightful to the human eye. My style of art varies but recently I've taken the reins and bringing back a long forgotten view of art work only found in Dr. Seuss. The memories of reading his books as a child brought forth a joy for the artist/writer and inspired me in a new path to revive an old tradition. Along with Dr. Seuss other artist such as Ralph Steadman, Walt Disney, Alex Ross, and Joe Kubert, HR. Geiger Allen, Joe Fenton and Brom have been just a few artists who have inspired me along the way. “I don’t want to be Dr. Seuss; no one can ever be him. I just want to bring back the feeling I had when reading his words and looking at the amazing colorful art as a child. I want to use my talent to give something back to my children, and their children’s children.” Michael R Fudge Jr is currently writing a illustrated novel which is to be released at a later date. When not working in the studio he volunteers his time working with Soldiers who suffer with PTSD using art therapy. His media ranges from Pen & Ink, Watercolor, Acrylic, Marker, Pencil and Color pencil. When he’s not in his studio working on an illustration or writing at his lap top; he can be found wondering the plains of this earth. Scooping up ideas and spending time with his best buddy (a black Labrador) named Bernstein who is in Therapy Pet Training Words to live by in what we do in life: "It's not enough to be good, when you dream of being great!"

Sketches by distortedblack